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American Pie Turns 21! See the Cast of the Classic Teen Sex Comedy Then and Now

American Pie became the definitive teen sex comedy of the '90s when it came out in 1999 — the story of four boys trying to lose their virginity cultural has spawned seven sequels and many a cultural reference. See what the cast has been up to since

Tara Reid Drops $100 Million Lawsuit Against Sharknado Producers

Tara Reid was suing for false endorsement and misappropriation of celebrity likeness, as well as common law wrongful appropriation of likeness and breach of written contract

Tara Reid Suing Sharknado Producers for $100 Million

"[Reid] alleges that defendants and each of them without her knowledge and prior written consent misappropriated her likeness for the commercial purpose of endorsing by implication gambling products and alcoholic beverages," the court documents state

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Tara Reid's Slurred Speech Raises Concern During Live Interview Promoting Sharknado

The Sharknado actress appeared to slur her speech and squint heavily at the camera