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T.J. Miller Denies Silicon Valley Accusations: 'I Play an A--hole on TV, But I'm Not a Bully'
"I play an a–hole on TV, but I'm not a bully in real life, ever," said T.J. Miller
T.J. Miller's Chaotic Year: An Arrest, Alleged Sexual Assault & Being Written Off Silicon Valley
The former Silicon Valley star's past year includes arrests, alleged sexual assault, a cancelled show and more
T.J. Miller Arrested for Allegedly Calling in Fake Bomb Threat While 'Intoxicated' on a Train
T.J. Miller was arrested Monday evening for allegedly making a fake bomb threat while on board a train on March 18
Silicon Valley Team Says T.J. Miller's 'Demons' Led to His Abrupt Departure from the Show
T.J. Miller has denied the allegations, saying, "I'm not high when I work because it gets in the way of the comedy"
Rachel Bloom Dings Former Host T.J. Miller During Critics' Choice Awards
Rachel Bloom took a shot at former Critics' Choice Awards host T.J. Miller during Thursday's ceremony
T.J. Miller's The Gorburger Show Canceled by Comedy Central
The news comes just hours after sexual assault allegations against Miller were made public, but the decision was reportedly made much earlier in the year

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T.J. Miller Denies Allegation He Sexually Assaulted and Punched Woman While in College
A woman who knew T.J. Miller during their time at college has accused the actor of sexually assaulting her, choking her and punching her in the early 2000s
WATCH: T.J. Miller Has Plans for a Double Date with Deadpool Costar Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively
During a visit to PEOPLE Now, T.J. Miller revealed he and Deadpool costar Ryan Reynolds have plans for a double date wives Kate Gorney and Blake Lively
T.J. Miller Exiting Silicon Valley Following Arrest

Miller will be part of the rest of Silicon Valley's current season, which wraps on June 25