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Letitia Wright Stars in First Trailer for Steve McQueen's Mangrove

Ahead of its 50th anniversary on Sunday, the historic march on London's Portnall Road takes center stage in a new trailer for Steve McQueen's Mangrove

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood: How Do the Actors Compare to Their Real-Life Counterparts?

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood may not be a true story, but many of the actors and actresses starring in the film take on the roles of real-life people including Charles Manson, Sharon Tate and Roman Polanski

Steve McQueen Was Meant to Be at Sharon Tate's Home the Night the Manson Family Attacked

Steve McQueen narrowly missed being a victim of the Manson Family after he was intended to join Sharon Tate at her home the night of her murder

Before Skyscraper There Was The Towering Inferno: A Look Back at the Movie's A-List Cast

Dwayne Johnson’s latest blockbuster Skyscraper borrows heavily from the 1974 classic, which featured one of the starriest casts of all time

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