Slumdog Millionaire

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Danny Boyle Eyes Return to 28 Days Later Franchise with a 'Properly Good' Idea

Danny Boyle told The Independent that he and screenwriter Alex Garland, who wrote the first film, now have a "properly good" idea for a third chapter in the story

Slumdog Kids' Truancy Puts Funds at Risk

Poor school attendance is jeopardizing the trust established for the young actors

Slumdog Star Writes Memoir – at 9

Rubina Ali's autobiography, Slumdog Dreaming, hits stores July 16

Police Clear Slumdog Millionaire Dad

There's no evidence Rafiq Qureshi tried to sell his 9-year-old actress-daughter, Rubina Ali

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Slumdog Stars Address Dating Rumors

"I've been waiting for you to call me up," Freida Pinto jokes with Ryan Seacrest