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Sharon Stone Says She Can't Stop 'Director's XXX Cut' of Basic Instinct from Coming Out

Stone touched on her feelings about the release, joking, "Regrets are like farts, you can't get them back. Once they're out, they're stinky and gone"

Sharon Stone Had a ‘Secret’ Abortion at Age 18: ‘I Was Weak and Scared’

“I was bleeding all over the place and far worse than I should have been, but this was a secret and I had no one to tell,” Stone writes in her new memoir

Sharon Stone Says Surgeon Gave Her Larger Breasts Without Consent: 'He Thought I Would Look Better’

The Basic Instinct actress was undergoing breast reconstruction after having tumors removed and says she woke up to find that “he changed my body without my knowledge”

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Sharon Stone Says She Was Tricked Into Not Wearing Underwear for Basic Instinct Scene

“We can’t see anything,” Sharon Stone said she was told of the explicit shot as it was being filmed