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Scott Baio Slams Happy Days Democratic Fundraiser Reunion: 'I'm Not on Board'

"I don't believe in socialism or Marxists,'" Scott Baio said, explaining his reason for not being "on board" with the reunion featuring Ron Howard, Henry Winkler and more.

Scott Baio Claims 5 Polygraph Tests Prove He Did Not Assault Nicole Eggert

Scott Baio said the accusations that he molested Nicole Eggert for years have caused him and his family "unrelenting pain"

Scott Baio Claims Nicole Eggert Accused Him of Assault to 'Relaunch Her Own Career'

Scott Baio released a fiery statement after the Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office rejected Nicole Eggert's sexual molestation claims against him

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Charles in Charge's Alexander Polinsky Accuses Scott Baio of Physical Assault & Mental Abuse

Charles in Charge actor Alexander Polinsky, who played Adam Powell, accused Scott Baio of physical assault, mental abuse and verbally attacking him on the set