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COVID Outbreaks at Schools Often Originate from Teachers, CDC Study Says

A new CDC study of a school district in Georgia found that teachers caused at least half of the COVID outbreaks in those elementary schools, and called the vaccination of educators "critical"

Dinosaurs May Have Been Killed Off by a Comet, Not an Asteroid, New Study Claims

The statistical possibility of a long-period comet that is capable of striking the Earth and causing a mass extinction event is about one in every 3.8 billion to 11 billion years, the study says

Dr. Anthony Fauci Predicts April Will Be 'Open Season' for COVID Vaccine

While Fauci expects "virtually anybody and everybody" to be eligible for a vaccine by April, getting the shots into people's arms will likely "take several more months"

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Puerto Rico's Famed Observatory That Tracks Asteroids Collapses After Storms and Structural Damage

The Arecibo Observatory radio telescope has been used to track asteroids and meteorites near the Earth for years