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Ryan & Kayla Lochte's Daughter Liv Celebrates 1st Birthday: 'It Has Gone by So Fast,' Mom Says

Kayla Reid and Ryan Lochte celebrated daughter Liv's first birthday with a party at their home in Gainesville, Florida, last weekend and shared details with PEOPLE
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Ryan Lochte Opens Up About Life at Home with Two Kids — and Admits He Struggles to Balance It All

"My wife, she's like, 'I kind of want a bigger family.' I'm like, 'Okay. Can we wait until after 2020?' " Ryan Lochte tells PEOPLE about having more kids
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Kayla Rae Reid Shows Off Post-Baby Body 'Cellulite and Stretch Marks' One Day After Giving Birth

"I will leave the TMI stuff to myself," Kayla Rae Reid joked Tuesday, revealing she was "swollen" and had gained a total of 50 lbs. in her second pregnancy