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Florida Officials Clash Over Whether to Lower the Flag for Rush Limbaugh

The state's governor, Ron DeSantis, ordered that flags be lowered for the controversial radio host once he is interred

Rush Limbaugh's Widow Speaks Out After He Died of Lung Cancer

Kathryn Limbaugh spoke to listeners of The Rush Limbaugh Show for two hours on Monday, days after the loved and loathed radio star died of cancer

Rush Limbaugh's Most Controversial Quotes

The Missouri native became a rock 'n' roll radio DJ and sports radio host before rising to national attention in the late 1980s with a syndicated conservative talk show on AM radio

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Rush Limbaugh Says Lung Cancer Treatment Is 'Kicking My A--' and 'I Have Been Virtually Worthless'

"It’s the price that you pay if you make the decision to go ahead and do treatment to try to prolong your life," the popular conservative radio host said Tuesday while also thanking his wife for her support

Trump Gives a Visibly Moved Rush Limbaugh the Presidential Medal of Freedom During State of the Union

Limbaugh announced on the air on Monday that he had been diagnosed with cancer