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Rush Limbaugh's Widow Remembers the Controversial Talk Show Host a Year After His Death
Kathryn Limbaugh was the one who announced his death last year on his daily radio show
Missouri Legislature Faces Controversy for Considering a ‘Rush Limbaugh Day’
The measure would also name a portion of a highway after the popular and inflammatory right-wing radio host, who died earlier this year
Rush Limbaugh's Death Certificate Released
For his occupation, the certificate lists "greatest radio host of all time"
Rush Limbaugh's Widow Remembers His Funeral After Lung Cancer Death
Limbaugh, the popular and hugely divisive conservative radio star, died last month
Florida Officials Clash Over Whether to Lower the Flag for Rush Limbaugh
The state's governor, Ron DeSantis, ordered that flags be lowered for the controversial radio host once he is interred
Rush Limbaugh's Widow Speaks Out After He Died of Lung Cancer
Kathryn Limbaugh spoke to listeners of The Rush Limbaugh Show for two hours on Monday, days after the loved and loathed radio star died of cancer

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George W. Bush and Donald Trump Make Statements Following the Death of Rush Limbaugh
Limbaugh, who died Wednesday, was one of the most prominent conservative commentators in the country
Rush Limbaugh's Most Controversial Quotes
The Missouri native became a rock 'n' roll radio DJ and sports radio host before rising to national attention in the late 1980s with a syndicated conservative talk show on AM radio
Rush Limbaugh Says Trump Told Him to 'Never Apologize' for Going After Pete Buttigieg's Sexuality

Limbaugh said last week that America was "still not ready" to elect an openly gay president and that President Trump would "have fun" with Buttigieg over it