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From the Archives: How Rudy Giuliani and Judith Nathan Started Their Marriage by Ending Another
Rudy Giuliani began dating Judith Nathan while the then-NYC mayor was still married to second wife Donna Hanover
Rudy Giuliani Admits Trump Bragged About Sexual Assault, but Was Maybe 'Exaggerating'
The former mayor of N.Y.C. is defending the Republican candidate
Rudy Giuliani Says Donald Trump Is an 'Absolute Genius' for Avoiding Taxes
Rudy Giuliani defends Donald Trump despite report he hasn't paid federal taxes is almost two decades
Rudy Giuliani on Donald Trump: 'I Have Never Agreed with a Candidate 100 Percent'
The former mayor of New York City says he doesn't agree with Donald Trump on everything, but that's not stopping him from voting for the candidate in November
Donald Trump's GOP Convention Speakers Revealed: Tim Tebow and Rudy Giuliani Make the List – But Where's Sarah Palin?
Notably missing from the "partial list" of convention speakers are Donald Trump pals Don King and Tom Brady, as well as Trump backer Sarah Palin
Obama Slammed for Taking in a Ballgame in Cuba Following Brussels Terror Attacks
"It's outrageous that the president of the United States is not in the situation room right now, planning to destroy ISIS," says Rudy Giuliani

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