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Watch Rod Stewart Take Matters Into His Own Hands and Fix Potholes to Protect His Ferrari
"Me and the boys thought we'd come and do it ourselves," Stewart said in a video shared to Instagram
Kimberly Stewart Announces Engagement to Producer Jesse Shapira: 'Forever'
Rod Stewart's daughter announced her engagement to producer Jesse Shapira on Instagram Sunday by showing off an impressive rock on her ring finger
Prince William and Kate Middleton Sparkle and Smile Ahead of Sunday's Royal Variety Performance Airing
The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge enjoyed watching Ed Sheeran, Rod Stewart, James Blunt, and more for last month's annual Royal Variety Charity event, which airs Sunday on ITV HD
Rod Stewart Poses for Christmas Photo with Wife Penny Lancaster and Four of His Kids
The musician and father of eight recently decorated his Christmas tree with some of his children
Rod Stewart Says He Tries to Give His Kids $100 During Bets but Wife Tells Him to 'Make It 5'
Rod Stewart tells PEOPLE he goes to "my moral compass," wife Penny Lancaster, when it comes to deciding how much money to give his kids

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Rod Stewart Shares His 15-Year-old Son's Response to Sex Lesson: 'Dad, I've Got the Internet'
"I have to be several different fathers because of the different age groups of my kids," father-of-eight Rod Stewart tells PEOPLE
Rod Stewart on Being 'Several Different Fathers' to 8 Kids: 'Treat All of Them as Individuals'
"What makes me happiest now is seeing all my kids and my wife with big smiles on their faces," Rod Stewart tells PEOPLE
Rod Stewart Sends Surprise $6,000 Gift to Mother-of-Three Recovering from Coronavirus Coma

Rod Stewart surprised student nurse Natasha Jenkins with a check for £5000 ($6000) after hearing about her 22-day COVID coma