Richard Nixon

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Kidnapped, Silenced — Then Vindicated: The True Story Behind Julia Roberts' Martha Mitchell in Gaslit
A political wife who loved to drink and dial up reporters, Mitchell became a prominent figure in the scandal that brought down a presidency and eventually destroyed her marriage
A Secret Plot, Charts and an Easel: Remembering a Bizarre Snafu During Watergate Scandal
In his book Watergate: A New History, writer Garrett M. Graff details how Gordon Liddy attempted to gain support for his wild ideas
Resurfaced Letter Reveals Prince Philip 'Woke Up in a Cold Sweat' After He Visited the Nixon White House
"After the brilliance of the other speakers and yourself, I am afraid my contribution was very lame and that night I woke up in a cold sweat when I realized I had forgotten to propose your health!" Philip wrote
Watergate Mastermind G. Gordon Liddy Dies at 90
Liddy, who worked for President Richard Nixon, spent over four years in prison and 100 days in solitary confinement for his role in the Watergate scandal
George Shultz, Former Secretary of State Who Worked Under 3 Presidents, Dead at 100
Shultz died Saturday at his home on the Stanford University campus in California
Last Living Watergate Burglar and Longtime Operative Eugenio Martinez Dies at 98
Martinez was part of "hundreds" of other covert operations, including the 1972 Watergate burglary and the failed Bay of Pigs invasion

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Remembering Jackie Kennedy's Intensely Private White House Trip with Her Kids After JFK's Assassination
A rare look at letters by the Kennedys to the Nixons details the then-secret 1971 meeting: "Can you imagine the gift you gave me?"
Donald Trump's Watergate? Bob Woodward Says Journalists Need to 'Quadruple' Scrutiny After President Fired FBI Director

The word "Watergate" was on many minds on Wednesday as critics compared President Trump's abrupt firing of FBI Director James Comey to the scandal that brought down former President Richard Nixon