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Jimmy Carter and Wife Rosalynn Reveal Secrets to 75-Year Marriage — Including 'Plenty of Space'

"We've always gone deeper in our love for one another," Jimmy Carter told Good Morning America ahead of his 75th wedding anniversary with wife Rosalynn

Sonja Morgan Says She Dated MDLNY's Ryan Serhant Before His Marriage: 'I Needed to Kiss Him'

"I felt I needed to kiss him to be a humane person," Sonja Morgan joked of once hooking up with Ryan Serhant at a "humanity event"

Machine Gun Kelly's First Dates with Megan Fox Included Scaling a Building, Swimming with Sharks

"Before she finished her sentence, I was already, like, halfway down the street," Machine Gun Kelly recalled of Megan Fox telling him there was a shark in the water they were swimming in

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Idol Alum Britnee Kellogg Finally Puts Abusive Relationship in the Rearview with 'Back of My Mind'

"As much as I don't like the person he was in our marriage, I want my kids to see that we still have a level of respect for each other," the songstress tells PEOPLE of her ex-husband

Sarah Silverman Says She Played a Hilarious Magic Trick on Boyfriend Rory Albanese

Sarah Silverman previously revealed that their relationship began after she got back into video games during the COVID-19 pandemic