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U.S. to Make Vaccines Available for Healthcare Workers Exposed to Monkeypox
According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the smallpox vaccine is also effective against monkeypox, even when administered after a person is diagnosed
Around 1 in 5 Americans May Develop Long COVID, Large CDC Study Finds
The risk of long COVID is even higher for virus survivors over age 65, who have a 1 in 4 chance of lingering symptoms
Monkeypox 'Not a Sexually Transmitted Infection' but CDC Warns of Rashes in Genital Area
The CDC is urging people with unexpected rashes to see a doctor, though they don’t believe "there's a great risk" of contracting monkeypox
Pfizer's 3-Dose COVID Vaccine Is 80% Effective in Kids Under 5
Pfizer and BioNTech are seeking emergency use authorization of its COVID vaccine for kids under 5 after preliminary data revealed a third dose elicited a “strong immune response”
Biden Says Monkeypox Is Not the Same 'Kind of Concern' as COVID as CDC Monitors Potential Cases
A Massachusetts man has the one confirmed case of the rare virus in the U.S., and the CDC is monitoring at least 8 other potential infections
N.Y.C. Mayor Eric Adams Declares State of Emergency to Prevent Baby Formula Price Gouging
"The nationwide infant formula shortage has caused unimaginable pain and anxiety for families across New York — and we must act with urgency," Mayor Adams wrote in his executive order

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New York City Health Officials Investigating Possible Monkeypox Case
New York City’s potential case comes one day after the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention confirmed the first U.S. monkeypox case of 2022 in Massachusetts
CDC Confirms First U.S. Case of Monkeypox in 2022, Health Officials Assure 'No Risk' to Public
A Massachusetts resident contracted monkeypox after traveling to Canada by private transportation
Thousands Protest at Utah State Capitol Over Fundamental Right to Abortions: 'Our Lives Are at Stake'

Utah has a trigger law that if Roe v. Wade is reversed by the Supreme Court, an immediate ban on abortions will go into effect, with exceptions for rape, incest, and the health of the mother