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The Crown's Princess Diana Makes a Splash in a Bold Print While Filming on a Yacht in Mallorca
Elizabeth Debicki steps into the role of the Princess of Wales for The Crown season 5, which will premiere on Netflix in late 2022
Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Will Not Return to the U.K. for Event Honoring Princess Diana
The reception, to be attended by Prince William and Elton John, is set to thank donors who funded the new statue of Princess Diana
Kristen Stewart Reveals Her One Regret About Playing Princess Diana in New Film
The actress plays an anguished Diana as she joins the royal family for the Christmas holiday in 1991
BBC Makes 'Financial Settlement' with Princess Diana Panorama Interview Whistleblower
Graphic designer Matt Wiessler was tasked by reporter Martin Bashir to create fake bank statements the journalist used to convince Princess Diana to participate in a bombshell interview
Princess Diana Had 'Backbone' and Wasn't 'Play-Doh That Was Going to Be Molded' by the Royals
In an exclusive clip from CNN's Diana, the Princess of Wales showed her telegenic spark in an interview with Prince Charles ahead of their 1981 wedding

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Kristen Stewart Explains Wearing a Wig in Spencer and Says She Binged The Crown 'Probably in One Night'
Kristen Stewart shares she didn't have her own hair styled to play Princess Diana because "if it wasn't a wig, we would have had so much less time to shoot"
Princess Diana and Prince Charles Chose William's Name to Set His Course as a Legendary King and Conqueror
Royal historian Robert Lacey exclusively writes in this week's PEOPLE about inspirations behind their future king son's powerful names