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Assaulting Secret Service, Throwing Ketchup on Walls: The Biggest Bombshells from Tuesday's Jan. 6 Hearing
In one of the most striking moments of Tuesday's testimony, a former White House aide said she heard that Donald Trump had physically assaulted his own head of Secret Service, Robert Engel
Jim Obergefell, Whose Landmark Case Legalized Gay Marriage, Says 'I Have to Keep Fighting' as Roe Is Overturned
With Roe v. Wade reversed and Justice Clarence Thomas second-guessing Obergefell v. Hodges, the Ohio man who helped legalize gay marriage in 2015 tells PEOPLE why Americans can’t afford to stay quiet
Aide Says Trump Lunged at Secret Service, Grabbed Steering Wheel in Attempt to Get to Capitol on Jan. 6
A former White House aide testified Tuesday that Trump had also at times thrown porcelain plates full of food at the wall in fits of anger
WATCH: Jan. 6 House Committee Hosts Surprise Public Hearing to Detail New Evidence
The hearing, which was added to the House committee's schedule at the last minute, is expected to feature live testimony from a former aide to Donald Trump's chief of staff
Who Is Cassidy Hutchinson, the Former White House Aide Expected to Testify at Tuesday's Jan. 6 Hearing?
Hutchinson served as an executive assistant to Donald Trump's former chief of staff Mark Meadows
Judges in Louisiana and Utah Temporarily Block Trigger Laws Banning Abortions
Meanwhile, states including Arkansas, Kentucky, Missouri and South Dakota that already activated abortion "trigger bans"

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The FBI Has Seized the Phone of Trump Adviser John Eastman
Eastman is a close ally of former President Donald Trump and has been a central figure in the investigation into the deadly 2021 Capitol riots
Jan. 6 Committee Will Resume Public Hearings Tuesday to Present Newly Obtained Evidence and Testimony
Tuesday's session will be the sixth public hearing held by the group investigating the events of Jan. 6
SCOTUS Sides with Former Football Coach Fired for Praying at Games, Expanding Right to Religious Expression

Joseph Kennedy previously filed a lawsuit alleging that a high school violated his First Amendment speech and religious rights when they fired him for praying after football games