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Kamala Harris Says the 'Rights of All Americans Are at Risk' After Draft Opinion on Roe v. Wade Leaks
"This is the time to fight for women and our country with everything we have," the vice president wrote in a tweet on Tuesday
Jesse Watters Addresses Viral Anecdote About Deflating Now-Wife's Tires: 'That Was a Joke'
After a hiatus, the pundit returned to The Five on Monday where he refuted his prior account about deflating his now-wife Emma's tires as a ploy to get close to her
Man Who Died After Setting Himself on Fire at Supreme Court Was Climate-Change Activist: Reports
A woman who said Wynn Bruce was a "friend" of hers called his death "a deeply fearless act of compassion to bring attention to climate crisis"
In Leaked Audio from Jan. 2021, Republican Kevin McCarthy Said Trump Should 'Resign'
In recent months, McCarthy has publicly defended the former president
Novak Djokovic Calls Wimbledon Ban on Russian, Belarusian Players 'Crazy': 'I Cannot Support' It
"When politics interferes with sport, the result is not good," Novak Djokovic said of Wimbledon banning Russian and Belarusian players on Wednesday
Russian Missile Strikes, Destroys Chef José Andrés' World Central Kitchen Hub in Kharkiv, Ukraine
Four staff were wounded in the attack that destroyed Chef José Andrés' World Central Kitchen Hub in Kharkiv, Ukraine, on Saturday

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Disney Family Member Charlee Corra Comes Out Publicly as Transgender, Defends LGBTQ Rights for Kids
"[Kids] can't learn about their community and their history at school, or play sports or use the bathroom they want to use?" Charlee Corra said
Oscars Denounce Russia's Invasion of Ukraine with Moment of Silence: We 'Can Do More'
"While film is an important avenue to express our humanity in times of conflict, the reality is millions of families in Ukraine need food, medical care, clean water and emergency services," organizers said
Adrien Brody Says Jack Nicholson Asked Best Actor Nominees to Boycott 2003 Oscars Over Iraq War

"I said, 'I don't know about you guys, but I'm going,' " said Adrien Brody, who won Best Actor that year for his role in 2002's The Pianist