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Plastic Surgery

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Cardi B Says She Wants a 'Tummy Tuck' as She's a 'Little Heavier Than Usual' Since Giving Birth to Her Son
"I just don't like this extra little skin," Cardi B said in an Instagram Story on Wednesday
Lala Kent Reveals She Got Her 'Boobs Done' in Hilarious Post-Op Video: 'I Want My Bed and Housewives'
"Did I fart?" a "groggy" Lala Kent asked her friends in a post-op video filmed at the Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery Group
Danica Patrick's Breast Implants Had Become 'Deformed': My Body Was Trying to 'Protect Me from Them'
The former NASCAR driver had her implants removed in April after dealing with years of significant health problems
Khloé Kardashian Says It 'Offended' Her That People Claimed She 'Had 12 Face Transplants'
The reality star said that she wants "everyone to know" about her nose job, but "couldn’t figure out" why people thought she’s had multiple face transplants
Actor Rich Rotella Underwent a Painful Limb Lengthening Procedure to Make Him 3 Inches Taller
"I was disappointed at being passed over simply because I was a shorter guy," Rich Rotella says of being rejected at auditions
Danica Patrick Had Her Breast Implants Removed After Significant Health Problems: 'The Wheels Came Off'
The former NASCAR driver says she "did every test that could be done" to figure out what was wrong before deciding to get her implants removed, and within hours she felt better

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Sharon Osbourne Talks 'Horrendous' Facelift She Got Last Year: 'One Eye Was Different from the Other'
The British TV personality shared her regret over recent plastic surgery with The Sunday Times on Saturday
Ireland Baldwin Says She Opted for FaceTite to Get Rid of a 'Very Stubborn Pocket of Fat'
The model also called out people for both criticizing her for getting the procedure and talking about it: "I don’t want to be misleading"
Khloé Kardashian Denies That She Has Butt Implants: 'You Guys Just Want to Believe Anything'

The Good American founder and reality star shut down a fan theory that her butt implants could be seen in a video where she does a pre-workout stretch