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Rudy Giuliani Has Heated On-Air Exchange with Piers Morgan: 'You Sound Completely Barking Mad'

Host Piers Morgan called Rudy Giuliani "abusive" and "deranged" as the politician defended President Donald Trump's controversial response to the protests

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Piers Morgan Reveals He’s Been Hospitalized in London

Without sharing any information about what led to his hospitalization, Piers Morgan posted a selfie of himself in a London hospital on Friday morning

Dick Van Dyke, 92, Is Not Amused by Piers Morgan's Joke About His Name: See His Clap Back

Dick Van Dyke was having none of Piers Morgan's antics on Saturday when the news anchor tried to make a joke about his name

Trump Oddly Questions Re-Election: 'You Never Know, Er, What Happens with Health and Other Things'

The next presidential election is two years, three months and 18 days from now, and President Donald Trump isn't entirely confident he'll be a two-termer