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Man Charged After Allegedly Selling Fentanyl-Laced Cocaine to 4 Friends at a Calif. Rental Home
The two couples had been having dinner together before using what they thought was cocaine –– only one person survived
Counterfeit Meds Sold on Social Media Are Killing Kids: 'My Son Took One Pill and Died,' Says Mom
Amanda Eubanks says her 13-year-old boy didn't know what drug he was taking, and got a counterfeit pill containing enough fentanyl to fatally poison him
S.W.A.T. Actor Kather Sei Charged with Supplying Drugs That Killed Son of Bed Head Founders
Kather Sei is accused of delivering fentanyl-laced pills that killed Ray Mascolo, the son of Bed Head co-founders Bruno and Kyara Mascolo
16-Year-Old Student Suffers Fentanyl Overdose Likely from Smoking Laced Marijuana, Police Say
The student, from Bloomfield High School in Connecticut, overdosed at school and was given "multiple doses" of Narcan
How Fentanyl Became One of the Biggest Causes of Drug Overdoses in the U.S.
The highly potent opiate is often found laced in other drugs and has led to a rise in accidental overdoses
Harry Brant Was Just 'Days Away' from Returning to Rehab, Parents Say
The 24-year-old son of Stephanie Seymour and Peter Brant died of an accidental overdose on Sunday

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Ariz., N.J., S.D., Mont. Legalize Marijuana: 1 in 3 Americans Now Live in State Where It's Legal
Voters in the four states approved ballot measures to make recreational marijuana use legal
Bobbi Kristina Brown's Ex-Boyfriend Nick Gordon's Death Ruled as Accidental Heroin Overdose
According to his autopsy and toxicology report, Gordon was reportedly hospitalized for seven hours after being found unresponsive and in cardiac arrest
'I Needed to Remember Him as Warm': Watching My Son OD on Heroin and Keeping His Memory Alive

Pennsylvania mother Tracee Slagel tells the story of the life and death of her son Frank Pucciarelli, who overdosed earlier this year