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Brazil's President Tells Leonardo DiCaprio to 'Keep His Mouth Shut' After Speaking on Environmental Issues
Leonardo DiCaprio called on Brazil's youth to vote in the country's upcoming election as the Amazon Rainforest has steadily suffered since Brazil's President Jair Bolsonaro took office
Marine Life Could Experience 'Mass Extinction' if Humans Don't Take 'Rapid Action' Against Climate Crisis
"It wasn't an 'Aha' moment per se. It was more of an 'Oh my God' moment," study co-author Justin L. Penn said of the alarming findings
Jane Goodall Gets Rockstar Welcome at LA's Apple Tower Theater — and Urges Climate Action: 'We're Not Invincible'
In honor of Earth Day, the famed conservationist and Apple’s Lisa Jackson talk to PEOPLE about tackling the climate crisis, recycling old devices and the Roots & Shoots program for young people
The Best Children's Books to Read with Your Kids on Earth Day
These children's books are the perfect way to celebrate Earth Day — and teach your little ones about everything from tough topics like the climate crisis, to how small changes can make a difference
Meet the Mom Taking on Hollywood and Amazon to End Single-Use Plastics: 'People Are Fed Up'
Habits of Waste founder Sheila Morovati wants society to rethink our plastic addiction, one change at a time: "Everyone who lives on this planet is an environmentalist and a part of the solution"
Conn. School Gets A+ for Reducing Amount of Food Waste Going to Landfills: 'It's Helping to Save the Planet'
Beecher Road Elementary School students are reducing the amount of trash that heads to landfills and emits a potent greenhouse gas, saving money — and the planet — by sorting their lunchtime garbage

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Jeff Bezos and Lauren Sánchez Visit Colombia to Learn About Deforestation After $10B Earth Fund Commitment
Jeff Bezos and Lauren Sánchez toured Colombia's Chiribiquete National Park, where groups supported by the Bezos Earth Fund are ramping up conservation efforts
Why a Summer of Extreme Weather Scares Even the Experts: 'It Doesn't Get Better from Here'
"These events have also shown us how severely under-prepared we are for the effects of climate change," scientist Dr. Kristina Dahl tells PEOPLE
Meet Jerome Foster II, Teen Climate Hero and Greta Thunberg's Friend: Saving the Planet Is 'Up to Us'

"There's no future to plan for when you're seeing the climate get worse, and nothing's being done," says Jerome Foster II