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Can Trump End Birthright Citizenship? Experts Say No as One Woman Shares Her Private Panic

Tuesday morning in a suburban New Jersey town, an IT executive from the United Kingdom who has been legally living and working in the U.S. for 20 years, with three children born in America, looked at a news alert and began to panic

Paul Ryan Breaks from Trump on Birthright Citizenship Plan: 'You Obviously Cannot Do That'

House Speaker Paul Ryan on Tuesday rejected President Donald Trump's claims that he can eliminate birthright citizenship via executive order

Paul Ryan, Vice President Mike Pence Honor John McCain's 'Fighting Spirit' in U.S. Capitol

John McCain's casket arrived at the U.S. Capitol on Friday morning, and Congress members — including Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell — and Vice President Mike Pence spoke

Jimmy Kimmel Tears Up Discussing Florida Shooting and Demands Action from Politicians

Jimmy Kimmel gave an emotional and impassioned plea for political action on Thursday night while discussing the deadly Florida school shooting

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Blake Shelton Slams 'Gossip' He Had a Secret Meeting with Paul Ryan: 'I Don't Do Politics'

Shelton set the record straight on Twitter Thursday afternoon about photos circulating on the internet of him and Paul Ryan in Tishomingo

Here Are Paul Ryan's Best Donald Trump Burns from the Al Smith Charity Dinner

House Speaker Paul Ryan has caught a lot of flak for his mostly non-confrontational approach to President Donald Trump and his policies, but on Thursday night he finally let loose — in the name of comedy

Candidate Apologizes for Allegedly Body-Slamming Reporter – After He Wins Montana Election

Greg Gianforte, Representative-elect for Montana's lone U.S. House seat, has apologized to a reporter who accused the politician of body-slamming him