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Paul Reubens and His Pee-wee Herman Character to Be Subject of Two-Part HBO Documentary
The Safdie brothers (Uncut Gems) will produce the documentary, described as "a kaleidoscopic portrait told in two parts"
Uncut Gems Directors Are 'Considering' Making a Dark Pee-Wee Herman Movie: Report
Paul Reubens, who has portrayed Pee-wee Herman for decades, wants to make a movie in which his character grapples with addiction
Paul Reubens Is Taking Pee-wee's Big Adventure on Tour to Celebrate Its 35th Anniversary
Paul Reubens will tour around the country next year in celebration of his breakout movie's 35th anniversary
Paul Reubens: 'I Never Said I Didn't Want to Be Pee-Wee Herman'
"I went out of my way for quite some time to try and make people think that he was a real person and there wasn't an actor behind it all," says Reubens

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New Pee-wee Herman Movie to Debut on Netflix in March 2016
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