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How James Corden Convinced Paul McCartney to Do Carpool Karaoke: 'I Just Wrote Him an Email'

James Corden says Paul McCartney got "cold feet" several times before he was convinced to join the segment filmed in the Beatle's native Liverpool

Paul McCartney Announces Upcoming 960-Page Book About His Life and Music

"I hope that what I’ve written will show people something about my songs and my life that they haven’t seen before," the singer said

Mary McCartney's Roasted Tomato & Butter Bean Toasts

"Creamy, garlicky butter beans with juicy, roasted, succulent tomatoes — it's the perfect anytime snack!" says the vegan chef (and daughter of Paul McCartney!), who hosts the new streaming series Mary McCartney Serves It Up on Discovery+.

Mary McCartney Dishes on Her New Cooking Show—And Why Dad Paul Was 'So Great to Cook For' in Lockdown

"He'd be recording in the studio, and then he'd come back, and he'd put it on in the kitchen and play it while I was heating up and finishing off dinner," Mary says

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Paul McCartney Talks to Late Beatles Bandmate George Harrison's Spirit Through a Tree

"George has entered that tree for me," the rock icon told radio host Mary Louise Kelly, "I hope he's happy with that"

The Beatles: Get Back Sneak Peek Shows the Fab Four at Their Most Raucous and Playful

"Hopefully, it'll put a smile on your face in these rather bleak times," director Peter Jackson says in the five-minute first look

Paul McCartney Admits He Occasionally Forgets His Own Beatles Lyrics: 'Sometimes That Breaks Down'

"I'll be doing a song, let's say 'Eleanor Rigby' or something, and I'm on autopilot," the Beatles star tells the Smartless podcast