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Woman Says She Has 'No Regrets' About Donating Kidney to Ex Who Cheated on Her 7 Months Later
"I'm still proud of myself for giving someone a second chance at life," Colleen Le tells PEOPLE
Man Who Needed New Kidney Finds His Perfect Match Thanks to Company Newsletter: 'I Was in Shock'
“You never know until you try, so I just tried everything,” Tim Peterkin tells PEOPLE of finding a perfect match in Cathy Slack, a co-worker he barely knew beforehand
Scientist Is Donating Kidney to Raise Awareness About 'Great' Need for Diversity in Research
As part of his job, Norbert Tavares works to "increase the participation of people of color in research," but he tells PEOPLE that "it's another thing to live it"
N.J. Father of 3 Who Died After Sudden Brain Aneurysm 'Lives on in Many' Thanks to Organ Donation
Beloved New Jersey teacher, musician and father Rob Ambrosino’s heart, lungs, and kidneys were donated to four different people following his death
Katherine Heigl Encourages Fans to Become Organ Donors on 35th Anniversary of Brother's Death
Katherine Heigl's brother Jason died at age 15 in 1986 following a car accident
Missouri Cop, 22, Who Died in the Line of Duty Saved Fellow Officer with Posthumous Kidney Donation
“I truly believe God had his hand in this," Mark Priebe said of the life-saving donation provided by fellow officer Blaize Madrid-Evans

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24-Year-Old Man Finds Love and a New Kidney Through Tinder: 'Never Would've Expected That'
"It means so much because to me, he made the ultimate sacrifice," Reid Alexander says of his new husband and kidney donor, Rafael Dìaz
Teacher Donates Plasma to Student, 9, in Need of Multiple Organ Transplants: 'Whatever It Takes'
"We're bonded for life and I'm not giving up on her," Missouri Virtual Academy teacher Brittany Perschbacher said of student Hayley Justason
95-Year-Old Man Donates Liver After Death, Becoming United States' Oldest Organ Donor Ever

Cecil Lockhart donated his liver to a woman in her 60s, and was inspired to become a donor by the death of his son