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Oprah Winfrey Threw out Half a Cake to 'Reset' Her Diet for the New Year: 'Goodbye Two-Week Old Cake'
The 67-year-old media mogul shared a video on Instagram in which she showed herself dumping out an entire half of a cake in an effort to "reset" her diet for 2022
Oprah Winfrey Airbrushes Best Friend Gayle King's Birthday Cake: 'Best. Cake. EVER!'
Oprah Winfrey learned to airbrush a cake for her longtime friend Gayle King's 67th birthday
Oprah Meets Gayle King's Grandson for First Time with Chants and Cheers: 'I've Been Waiting'
Oprah Winfrey went all out as she welcomed Gayle King's 3-month-old grandson, Luca, to her home for the first time
'Don't Need a Paper to Be Devoted': What 15 Stars Have Said About Choosing Not to Marry
Love don't cost a thing, but divorce sure can. Read on for why these celebrities don't want to get married again — and why some never wed in the first place

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Adele Says It's Not Her Job to 'Validate How People Feel About Their Bodies'
The singer said her weight loss is personal to her, and just a side effect of the gym time she started putting in to help manage her anxiety during the breakup of her marriage
Jessica Alba's Family Holiday PJs Made Oprah's Favorite Things List, and They're All on Amazon Starting at $10

If Oprah's buying these for Gayle's family, you know they're going to be so cute and cozy