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Adele Says It's Not Her Job to 'Validate How People Feel About Their Bodies'
The singer said her weight loss is personal to her, and just a side effect of the gym time she started putting in to help manage her anxiety during the breakup of her marriage
Adele Says 'Hold On' Is About 'Trying to Move Forward': 'It's a Process'
Adele tells Oprah Winfrey during the Adele One Night Only special that she wrote her song "Hold On" when she was worn down by stress in her life, saying, "I just felt like not doing it anymore"
All of Oprah's Favorite Things That Are Under $50 on Amazon
There are tons of great gifts under $50 this year, including matching family pajamas, beauty gift sets, kitchen gadgets, and more
Will Smith Says He and Jada Pinkett Smith Agreed 'It Was a Fantasy Illusion That We Could Make Each Other Happy'
In a revealing new interview with Oprah Winfrey, Will Smith opens up about his marriage to Jada Pinkett Smith and finding "relational perfection"

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Katy Perry Helps Oprah and Gayle King Shop for Grandson on the Way, Shares 'Pro Tips and Expertise'

Gayle King's daughter Kirby Bumpus is currently expecting her first baby, a son