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How Important Are Sit-Down Family Meals?

Mealtimes can be the perfect opportunity for families to connect and for parents to bond with their children. They can also be impossible to have with everyone's busy schedules. We talk to parenting experts about the significance of sit-down family meals and if there are 'right' or 'wrong' ways of doing them.

How Can I 'Fix' My Child's Picky Eating?

When it comes to food, children know what they like, and are quick to dismiss anything that isn't familiar. Getting kids to try new things can take an immense amount of patience and creativity from parents. Here, parenting experts share their advice with us on how to best curb these behaviors at a young age.

When Are a Child's Food Issues Just a Phase vs. Something to Worry About?

No child is without their own food issues, and they each have different forms or timelines. While some will phase out, some may actually be cause for concern. We save parents potential stress by talking to experts about how to know if these things are temporary, or if they are something far more serious.

Is It Ever Okay to Bribe My Kids with Food?

Using food as a punishment or reward for kids can be the simplest tool to get them to eat — or do — something they are less than enthusiastic about. That said, the technique can have major effects on a child's relationship with food. Parenting experts share their advice with us about whether or not bribery is an appropriate means of reaching a compromise with children.

How Can I Attempt to Break My Child's Bad Habits?

Bad habits take on numerous forms over a child's life, and most of these unwanted behaviors can prove quite the challenge to eliminate. From thumb-sucking and nail-biting to phone addiction and complaining, we talk to experts to find out what parents can do to put a stop to patterns — at all ages — that drive them crazy.

What Are the 10 Most Important Things to Do to Prepare for a Baby?

The to-do list for expectant parents can feel endless, with suggestions and recommendations coming from every possible angle. With stress at a high during this time, we talk to parenting experts to break down the biggest questions before baby arrives.

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How Should I Prepare My Child for a New Sibling?

Adding to a new baby to a child's life is a significant change to the world they know. It requires time and patience from parents for their child to adjust to the news, and it's important to ensure they feel included every step of the way. Here, parenting experts share their advice with us for making this as easy a transition as possible.

With Camps and Trips Canceled, How Can I Actually Entertain My Kids at Home This Summer?

Children wait all year for summer vacation to escape the routine of school and get the freedom to do whatever they want. Amid the current COVID-19 pandemic, however, families are preparing for a summer spent at home. Here are some tips to stay entertained

How Can I Make Traveling with Kids Easier?

Samantha Brown of PBS' Samantha Brown's Places to Love has some smart advice for parents who are freaking out about boarding a plane