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Nigella Lawson on That Viral Microwave Clip: 'I Can't Say It Anymore'
Lawson explains why she pronounced microwave "mee-cro-wah-vay" in a now-viral video
Nigella Lawson on the Joy of Food and Her Life in Quarantine: 'I've Grown to Love Solitude'
The British chef, whose new cookbook, Cook, Eat, Repeat, is out April 20, gets candid about aging gracefully, processing grief and learning to love herself
Nigella Lawson Responds to Everyone Poking Fun at the Way She Says 'Microwave'
In a clip from her cooking show, the British chef and cookbook author called the appliance a "mee-krow-wah-vay"
Nigella Lawson, 60, Didn't Think She'd 'Be Alive by This Age' After Several Loved Ones Died Young
Nigella Lawson spoke to Good Housekeeping UK about the deaths of her sister Thomasina, mom Vanessa, and husband John Diamond
Nigella Lawson to Release a 'Deeply Personal' New Cookbook Cook, Eat, Repeat—Get a First Look
"It really developed into a grateful reflection on how and what we eat can light up our days in dark time," Nigella Lawson tells PEOPLE
Taylor Swift Reveals the 3 Celebrity Chef Recipes She'll Be Making 'for Life'
If she's hosting a dinner party, the singer can always rely on these dishes from Ina Garten, Jamie Oliver and Nigella Lawson

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Nigella Lawson's Mozzarella Garlic Bread
The chef and author of At My Table shares a "most robust version" of the classic crowd-pleaser.
Nigella Lawson Turns to Chocolate to Cope with 'Mortifying' Trial and Divorce

The celebrity chef admits to being embarrassed, but says she does not feel sorry for herself