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Scott Baio Claims 5 Polygraph Tests Prove He Did Not Assault Nicole Eggert

Scott Baio said the accusations that he molested Nicole Eggert for years have caused him and his family "unrelenting pain"

Scott Baio Claims Nicole Eggert Accused Him of Assault to 'Relaunch Her Own Career'

Scott Baio released a fiery statement after the Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office rejected Nicole Eggert's sexual molestation claims against him

Scott Baio Denies Sexual Misconduct Claims Brought Against Him By Nicole Eggert & Alexander Polinsky

"For reasons I don’t understand, I am the target of false claims that threaten everything that is important in my life," the actor said in a statement read by his spokesperson and attorney

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Charles in Charge's Alexander Polinsky Accuses Scott Baio of Sexual Harassment and Abuse

"Alexander Polinsky, who was a child actor on the popular 1980s sitcom Charles in Charge, will speak out for the first time to describe the sexual harassment and abuse he alleges against actor Scott Baio at a press conference [Wednesday, Feb. 14]," a statement from attorney Lisa Bloom reads

Nicole Eggert Reveals She Contemplated Suicide at 15 During Alleged Scott Baio Sexual Abuse

Nicole Eggert opened up about contemplating suicide at the age of 15 hours after filing a police report against Scott Baio for alleged sexual abuse