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Why Trans Singer Plastic Martyr Is Speaking Out: 'I'm Not for Cancel Culture, I'm for Educating'

"This wasn’t designed to cancel her," Plastic Martyr exclusively tells PEOPLE about speaking out about an alleged incident involving Glee's Lea Michele
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Paul McCartney Reminisces on Beatles Refusing to Play for Segregated Audience in 1964

"We all need to work together to overcome racism in any form," Paul McCartney wrote, noting that "saying nothing is not an option"
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Michael Ray Has a Blast with the Past on His Weekly '90s Show: 'The Response Is Really Inspiring'

The "Her World or Mine" singer began the "Honkytonk Tuesday" livestream just to pass the time during quarantine, but it's turned into an irresistible magnet for fans of the era's music
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Carrie Underwood Recalls Crawling into Bed with Son Isaiah and 'Bawling' After Miscarriage

Carrie Underwood and Mike Fisher share details about the difficult losses on their journey to a second child in episode 2 of Mike and Carrie: God & Country