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Minnie Driver: 'It Was Devastating' When Producer Said She Wasn't 'Hot Enough' for Good Will Hunting
"I thank God that I didn't do a ton of stuff that I could have then gone and done," Minnie Driver said in a new interview
Minnie Driver Recalls 'Agony' of Breakup with Matt Damon in Public Eye After Good Will Hunting
Minnie Driver shares recollections from that time as well as other points in her career in her new memoir Managing Expectations
Minnie Driver Reveals 'I've Had to Fight Really Hard for Every Job I Ever Got'
"It's good to work for things," Driver tells PEOPLE. "It's good for it to be difficult. It's good to not just be handed stuff"
Minnie Driver Recalls Doctor Calling Her 'Barren' at 18 Before Pregnancy with 'Miracle' Baby at 37
Minnie Driver opened up about her unexpected journey toward motherhood during an appearance on The Healthy Baby Show podcast with Shazi Visram
Amazing Throwback Photos from the 1996 Premiere of Scream
Before the new Scream drops this weekend, walk down memory lane with a young Courteney Cox, the Friends cast, a baby-faced Patrick Dempsey and more hot attendees at the first film's 1996 L.A. premiere
Minnie Driver Announces Essay Collection: 'My Life Has Been—and Still is—Messy, Odd and Lovely'
The actress explores her journey to Hollywood, fame and being a single parent among her collection of personal essays, Managing Expectations, debuting in May

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Minnie Driver Recalls First Reunion with Matt Damon Since Good Will Hunting: It Was 'Very Nice'
Minnie Driver and Matt Damon starred together in the 1997 film and dated for a short time afterwards
Minnie Driver Says She's Found New Ways for Son Henry to Not Feel 'So Isolated' During Pandemic
Minnie Driver also tells PEOPLE how she and her son uplift each other when they're feeling sad in lockdown
Minnie Driver Launches a Furniture Line Inspired by Her 'Very English' Roots — and Her Mom!

The actress and style maven designed pieces that mash-up her English heritage with inspiration from around the world