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Tracy Tutor, Fredrik Eklund
Tracy Tutor Thinks It's 'Fantastic' Frederik Eklund Isn't Returning for 'Million Dollar Listing LA' rikeklundny Verified • Liked by andressroberts and others fredrikeklundny's profile picture fredrikeklundny Verified Happy 5 years to the twins! I’m not really sure what happened to five years to be honest, it’s kind of scary woah like the dimension of time got bent by love… but here we are, we survived, and can only dream the next five years will be as magical as the first. The memories are endless, we gave it all, and I don’t regret a single second, not even the mistakes. I’m not going to sugarcoat it, having kids (especially twins) is hard but you know how that works right, when their warm little doughy bodies cuddle up to you and they say they love you it’s like nothing else on this earth? Anyway, happy birthday big Milla and Freddy, your daddies love you so much to the end of time ❤️ Edited · 1d
'Million Dollar Listing' 's Fredrik Eklund Celebrates Twins' 5th Birthday: 'Memories Are Endless'