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16 Stars Who Were on Days of Our Lives
Like a sands through the hourglass ... Days of Our Lives is only getting better with time! The long-running soap opera premiered on Nov. 8, 1965
Mila Kunis Says Ashton Kutcher Is So Tall She Keeps Ladders in Their Home: 'I Can't Reach'
Mila Kunis and her husband, Ashton Kutcher, live in a rustic Los Angeles farmhouse with their two children
Mila Kunis Says Ashton Kutcher Was 'in the Hospital Twice with Pancreatitis' While Prepping for Jobs
"He only ate grapes at one point, it was so stupid," Mila Kunis said of husband Ashton Kutcher, who made himself sick while preparing for his portrayal of Steve Jobs
Mila Kunis Reveals Her Biggest 'Parenting Fail' That Caught Husband Ashton Kutcher Off Guard
After her young daughter was pushed in preschool, Mila Kunis said she told the now 6½-year-old to push the child back and say "no thank you"
Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher Talk Hopes of a COVID-19 Vaccine for Their Kids, 6½ and 4½
"Who wants to be the parents that give their kid COVID and then gets their kid's school shut down?" Ashton Kutcher told PEOPLE of his and Mila Kunis' hopes for vaccines
Mila Kunis Laughs About Bathing Debate on Ellen, Jokes 'This Story Has Taken Such a Turn'
Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher went viral in July after saying "there's no point" bathing kids until "you can see the dirt on them"

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Ashton Kutcher Endures 'Take a Shower' Chants During Live ESPN Appearance in Iowa
"Take a shower!" chanted the crowd at Jack Trice Stadium in Iowa as Ashton Kutcher arrived via jet for an appearance on ESPN's College GameDay
Ashton Kutcher Gets Hazed by Mila Kunis Over His Awful French Accent in Silly Wine Promo
"Are you hazing me offscreen?" the Jobs actor quipped in a video posted Wednesday on his Instagram page
Mila Kunis Jokes About the Parenting 'Irony' of Not Letting Husband Ashton Kutcher Go to Space

Mila Kunis tells PEOPLE that with her two kids, she encourages their radical dreams by saying things like, "Yeah, baby, you can go to space. You could do anything you want to do"