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Military Officials Didn't Know How Close Mob Was to Pence’s Nuclear 'Football’ Until Impeachment Trial: Report

In order to ensure that a strike could be launched at any moment, the vice president is always accompanied by a backup "football," though it is inaccessible unless the user can bypass the security

Startling New Security Video Shows Pence Evacuating and Romney Running as Trump Mob Breaches Capitol

One clip shared by House impeachment managers on Wednesday shows Sen. Mitt Romney turning and running to safety at the urging of a police officer because pro-Trump rioters were already in the building

Mike Pence Opens Post-White House Office and Announces New Roles in Conservative Politics

A spokeswoman said that "the vice president and Mrs. Pence look forward to continuing to elevate causes that are near and dear to their hearts and serving the American people when called upon"

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Vice President Mike Pence Calls Vice President-Elect Kamala Harris Ahead of Inauguration Day

Pence called Harris "to congratulate her ticket's win and to assist the transition," according to Politico