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Melissa Etheridge Says She 'Didn't Want to Blame Genetics' After Son Beckett's Fatal Overdose

"I know we have predispositions," the musician said. Her children Beckett and Bailey were born from a sperm donation from David Crosby, who battled addiction

Melissa Etheridge Says Music Helped Her Cope with Son's Death: 'It's Got Me Through Everything'

"There's something about singing, something about opening the soul, it's got me through everything," the Grammy Award-winning singer told Good Morning America

Melissa Etheridge Is Coping with Music After Son Beckett's Death: 'It Has Healed Me, Greatly'

"While nothing but time will heal the empty space in my heart, I have been hopeful watching the world rise up and ask for more love," Etheridge wrote on Twitter

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Melissa Etheridge Opens Up About How 'Plant Medicine' Helped Her Cancer Recovery: 'I'm Healthier Than Ever'

Melissa Etheridge strips down her track "Faded By Design" in a video shared exclusively with PEOPLE