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Megyn Kelly's Live Podcast Interview Gets Crashed by a Bird: 'Is This a Set Up?'
The Settle for More author told her Twitter followers about the hilarious, yet nerve-wracking moment, writing, "Still. Laughing. About. This."
Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Editor Calls Megyn Kelly a 'Bully' Over Naomi Osaka Comments
"This woman did nothing wrong," M.J. Day told PEOPLE Every Day on Tuesday, defending Naomi Osaka
Naomi Osaka Tells Megyn Kelly to 'Do Better' After Journalist Slams Athlete's Magazine Covers
The heated exchange between Naomi Osaka and Megyn Kelly came hours after Osaka debuted her Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue cover
Megyn Kelly's Podcast Upgrades to a Daily 2-Hour SiriusXM Show: 'I Touch Third Rails for a Living'
"I'm one of the only journalists, as opposed to pundits, creating a big space in podcasting. And that's unusual," the Megyn Kelly Show podcast host tells PEOPLE
'Feeling Fabulous' at 50: Inside Megyn Kelly's Intimate Milestone Birthday Celebration
"I have never had a more exciting time with a small group of people where I laughed so hard my stomach hurt," Megyn Kelly tells PEOPLE
Megyn Kelly Feels 'Strongly' That 'Schools Need to Be Back Opened': 'Healthy for the Children'
Remote learning "defeats the point of kindergarten," Megyn Kelly tells PEOPLE in an exclusive new interview

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Megyn Kelly Recalls Feeling 'Jealous' of Oprah Winfrey Before Reflecting on Her Life as a Mom
Megyn Kelly also talks to PEOPLE about being back in New York City with her family and how they're passing time together amid the COVID-19 pandemic
What Megyn Kelly Thinks of the Debates — and Why They Shouldn't Be 'a Trip to the Library'
"I love hosting the presidential debates, so I would've loved to have done that this time around," she tells PEOPLE

Megyn Kelly Slams HBO Max for Temporarily Pulling Gone with the Wind: 'Where Does this End?'

The streaming service will re-add the 1939 film to its catalog, accompanied with a "discussion of its historical context"