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Medical Conditions

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Alison Brie Nearly Went Blind at Age 7: 'I Was Hysterically Crying'
The GLOW star had a severe concussion as a kid that led to temporary blindness, and doctors said that if her vision didn't come back soon "she'll likely be blind for the rest of her life"
Lexi Reed Says She's 'Lost Quite a Bit of Weight' Due to Her Health Problems but It's 'Bittersweet'
Reed gained fame as a weight loss influencer after dropping over 300 lbs., but lately she's been dealing with side effects from kidney failure
Parents of Baby Born with Rare, Often Fatal Dwarfism Want to Tell Other Families 'There Is Hope'
"We have big dreams for her," says Brittany Kuper of her 18-month-old daughter Esther, who has thanatophoric dysplasia
Influencer Lexi Reed Is 'Still in Pain Constantly' as She Continues Treatments for Calcium Buildup
The weight loss influencer had to go back to the hospital three weeks earlier after experiencing severe stomach and leg pain, likely caused by calcinosis
Former Colts Cheerleader Tessa David-Burns Unsure 'How I Survived' After Massive Stroke at 28
The former dancer was paralyzed in bed for 36 hours before her family sent the police to do a welfare check
Syphilis in Newborns Rose 235% in 4 Years as STD Rates 'Remain Far Too High,' Says CDC
Cases of sexually transmitted diseases in the U.S. continued to grow, with a 10% increase in gonorrhea and 7% increase in syphilis between 2019 and 2020

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Lexi Reed in 'Excruciating Pain' from Rare Side Effect of Her Kidney Failure: 'Not Getting Better'
The weight loss influencer had to go back to the hospital last week with "hard, painful knots" on her stomach and legs, and just learned that it’s a form of calcinosis
Influencer Lexi Reed Says Stomach Pain That Landed Her Back in the Hospital Likely 'Calcium Buildups'
The weight loss influencer shared on Monday that she was back in the hospital due to severe stomach and leg pain
Boston Man Diagnosed with Tapeworms in His Brain After He Was Hospitalized for Seizures

The man had cysticercosis, a tapeworm infection that affects the brain, muscle and other tissues