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Nick Offerman and Mary Louise Parker Cast as Colin Kaepernick's Parents in Netflix Series
Nick Offerman and Mary Louise Parker will star as Rick and Teresa Kaepernick, respectively, in Netflix's Colin in Black & White
Mary-Louise Parker Poses in Rare Photo with Two Children at Her New York City Broadway Premiere
Mary-Louise Parker was joined by her daughter and son at the premiere of her new Broadway play, The Sound Inside
Mary-Louise Parker Gushes Over 'Awesome' Red Sparrow Costar Jennifer Lawrence: She's 'Tough' and 'Sweet'
Two of our favorite women in Hollywood are costarring in the thriller Red Sparrow this spring — and apparently they get along pretty well.
Naomi Watts and Billy Crudup Are Dating: Inside Their Other A-List Romances
A look back at new couple Billy Crudup and Claire Danes' previous A-list love interests.
When We Rise's Mary-Louise Parker Reveals Both of Her College Roommates Died from AIDS
"This show is resonant to me on so many levels because not only did, you know, both my college roommates died from AIDS — people dropped dead left to right," said Parker on Tuesday at Disney/ABC's Winter 2017 Press Tour

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Mary-Louise Parker Alludes to Billy Crudup Breakup: Musings on Men from Her New Memoir, Dear Mr. You
In her new memoir, titled Dear Mr. You, Parker pens 34 letters to men who have made an impression on her life
Claire Danes on Backlash After Billy Crudup Left Mary-Louise Parker for Her: 'That Was a Scary Thing'
"I just was in love with him and needed to explore that," Danes said of starting the relationship in 2003

Meet Mary-Louise Parker's New Beau

The Weeds star's Emmy weekend with singer Charlie Mars included plenty of PDA