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Mariah Carey, Kerry Washington and Others React to Guilty Verdict in Derek Chauvin Trial: 'History'

Celebrities and lawmakers from Kerry Washington to Barack Obama shared relief after a Minneapolis jury found former cop Derek Chauvin guilty of murdering George Floyd

Mariah Carey Hits One of Her Famous High Notes as She Gets Her First Dose of COVID Vaccine

"Vaccine side effect: G6," said Mariah Carey, who celebrated getting her first dose of the COVID vaccine and hit the whistle register

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Cardi B Says She Feels 'Super Confident' After Getting Plastic Surgery: 'I Feel Vindicated'

The rapper, who has had breast implants and butt augmentation procedures, says she developed insecurities after young boys ridiculed her appearance growing up

Cardi B Tells Mariah Carey She Gets 'Nervous' Interacting with Other Celebrities: 'I'm Really Shy'

"We're doing this over the phone, but if it was in person, I wouldn't be able to look you in the eyes," Cardi B says to Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey Talks 'Being a Woman of Color with All This Ambiguity' in a 'Male-Dominated Industry'

My story "doesn't begin with, 'Mariah Carey put out Vision of Love in 1990,'" the music icon tells Questlove in a revealing new podcast episode