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Dashed 'Dreams' and Broken Hearts: Inside the Tumultuous Making of Fleetwood Mac's Rumours
Fleetwood Mac's Rumours topped the Billboard charts on April 2, 1977 — find out how an album fueled by drama, trauma and cocaine sealed the band's fame and eventually sold more than 40 million copies
Stevie Nicks Recalls Trying to Be 'Sweet and Nice' to Lindsey Buckingham to Keep Fleetwood Mac Together
Stevie Nicks told The New Yorker that she knew she and Lindsey Buckingham had to stay together at first for Fleetwood Mac to work
Lindsey Buckingham Says He'd Reconcile with Stevie Nicks for a Fleetwood Mac Reunion: 'You Have to Forgive'
"Mick knows I would come back like a shot," Buckingham says about returning to Fleetwood Mac
Lindsey Buckingham Says He and Wife Kristen Are 'Working' on Their Marriage 3 Months After Divorce Filing
"Relationships in the long term can be challenging, and they have their ups and downs. You've got to take that ride and be willing to take it," Buckingham tells PEOPLE in this week's issue of PEOPLE
Lindsey Buckingham Says He Doesn't Have 'Any Control Over' Joining Potential Fleetwood Mac Reunion
Stevie Nicks also fired back at Lindsey Buckingham for claiming she is "lonely"
Lindsey Buckingham and Wife Kristen Messner Divorcing After 21 Years of Marriage
The former Fleetwood Mac singer’s wife filed for divorce ahead of the release of his latest single that touches on relationship difficulties

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Mick Fleetwood Has Reconciled with Lindsey Buckingham and 'Really Enjoyed Being Reconnected'
Buckingham sued Fleetwood Mac in October 2018 after he was fired from the band. In December 2018, he revealed they had settled the lawsuit
Mick Fleetwood and Lindsey Buckingham Sell Fleetwood Mac Music Rights
News of Mick Fleetwood and Lindsey Buckingham's deals were announced in January