Let's Talk About It

PEOPLE is launching a year-long initiative to encourage readers to have vital conversations about their mental health. Along with highlighting stories of ordinary people and celebrities who have dealt with mental illness, our Let's Talk About It campaign will provide information on where to get help and how to offer support to others.

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How to Recognize Signs of Anxiety or Depression — and How to Get Help (or Help Others)
It's been a particularly tough year for nearly everyone, and it may be tough to separate what's a normal "funk" from what's actually treatable anxiety or depression. Here's what to look out for in yourself and others — and ways to address the signs
4 Ways Moms Can Prioritize Mental Health
It's no surprise that moms are burnt out as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. One expert shares her best tips for reducing stress and boosting mental health.
How to Break Up with Your Therapist, According to Therapists
Finding the right therapist is essential to making therapy work for you. So how do you end it with one when things aren't working out? We got tips from the pros
Writer Donald Antrim Shares Raw Details of His Suicidal Illness to Help Others 'Trying to Stay Alive'
The acclaimed author hopes that demystifying suicide will help get people to treatment
How Families Help Support LGBTQ Kids in One of the Most Conservative States in the Country
"I could've never imagined five years ago that this is where I would be," Katelyn Handy, 20, tells PEOPLE of coming out in Utah. "I am happy. I'm healthy."
This Utah Mom Built an LGBTQ Youth Center Across from a Mormon Church for Teens to 'Feel Loved'
Stephenie Larsen has established homes in Provo, Salt Lake City and St. George, with one under construction in Heber City — and more to come in Idaho, Arizona and Nevada

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How the Intense Pressure of Pro Sports Has Athletes Like Naomi Osaka Needing a Mental Health Break
“They’re regular people, human beings, just like the rest of us and have their own struggles and concerns,” says sports psychologist Dr. Nicole Detling
New Pill to Treat Postpartum Depression Provides Relief to More Than 50% of Moms in Clinical Trial
The drug, called zuranolone, is not yet FDA-approved but was highly effective in a large clinical trial

Roxane Gay, Gigi Gorgeous, Wilson Cruz and Others Discuss Mental Health in the LGBTQ Community

"It's okay if you can't just sort of grit your way through it, and you need some support along the way," Roxane Gay said in the second of a four-part panel series on mental health