Let's Talk About It

PEOPLE is launching a year-long initiative to encourage readers to have vital conversations about their mental health. Along with highlighting stories of ordinary people and celebrities who have dealt with mental illness, our Let’s Talk About It campaign will provide information on where to get help and how to offer support to others.

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Moms Who Lost Custody of Their Kids Due to Addiction Overcome Darkness to Find 'Greater Things'

"I learned that I was a person and I was not my disease and that it was okay my kids could not keep me sober," says Freedom House alumna Christina Compton

Author Rachel Hollis on Writing Book About Navigating Hardship When Her 16-Year Marriage Ended

The author and motivational speakers explains that she was three days into editing her latest book, Didn't See That Coming, when her 16-year marriage fell apart

Rape Survivor Created the Mental Health Resources She Needed — and Now She's a Goalkeeper Winner

Hauwa Ojeifo, 28, started She Writes Woman as a blog in 2015. Today, the women-led organization offers helplines, teletherapy and virtual support groups.

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How to Manage Anxiety and Loneliness During the Coronavirus Pandemic

“Focus on three key pillars of health: Sleep is power, food is fuel, movement is medicine," says psychologist Dr. Kevin Gilliland

Former Lawyer to the Stars Writes About Suicide Attempts: I Couldn't 'Let the Fresh Scars Show'

"I had to be very careful when I was writing my notes not to let the fresh scars show," Terri Cheney, the author of Modern Madness tells PEOPLE about her 1992 meeting with client Michael Jackson

Inside One Teen Girl’s Struggle to Manage Anxiety During the Pandemic

After a childhood steeped in depression and anxiety, Kaylie Rosen, 17, found happiness away at school — and then the pandemic sent her home.