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Kevin Hart Admits His Daughter Is 'Tough' on Him 'Until This Day' About His Cheating Scandal

'You don't realize the impact that your mistakes can truly have — when the kids get involved, it's a different feeling,' the comedian told actor Will Smith on a Father's Day edition of Red Table Talk

Kevin Hart on Why He Talks to His Kids About His Scandals: 'It's Going to Come Out'

"My kids understand who their father is. And, unfortunately, there's a gift and a curse that comes with that," Kevin Hart says in a Romper interview

Kevin Hart Denounces Cancel Culture: 'That's Not How I Operate'

"I've been cancelled, what, three or four times? Never bothered," Hart said in a news interview with the Sunday Times

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Cate Blanchett is set to star in the film adaptation of the popular video game alongside Jamie Lee Curtis, Kevin Hart, Jack Black and more

Former Olympic Skier Lindsey Vonn Admits She Really Hates Cold Weather

Lindsey Vonn made the surprising confession on the latest episode of Cold as Balls from Kevin Hart’s Laugh Out Loud