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Kevin Costner Sends Message of Hope to Fans and Shares Uplifting Song: 'I Know It's Not Easy'

The actor said he hopes his song "The Sun Will Rise Again" — which he performs with his band Modern West — inspires people to be optimistic
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Kevin Costner Shares How Princess Diana Almost Starred in Bodyguard Sequel — with Help from Fergie!

Kevin Costner previously said the sequel would have centered on his Bodyguard character protecting Diana's character from paparazzi and stalkers before their relationship turned romantic
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Field of Bleeps! Kevin Costner Accidentally Drops the F-Bomb on Live Radio Broadcast

"You can use that word if you just use it sparingly, and it's just like a sword," Kevin Costner joked Monday after his swear snafu on The Dan Patrick Show
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Former Pro Baseballer Who's Running for Congress Pays Homage to Field of Dreams in Campaign Ad

J.D. Scholten, a former pro baseball player and the Democratic candidate for Iowa's fourth congressional district, has released a goosebump-inducing new campaign ad on YouTube that is also a moving tribute to the hit film Field of Dreams

Octavia Spencer and Kevin Costner on the State of Diversity in Films: 'Diversity Starts When You're Casting Films'

Spencer says that no matter what an actor's ethnicity is, their success should be celebrated