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Why Is Katy Perry Joining Prince Charles for Curry Take-Out?

Prince Charles announced Katy Perry as an ambassador of the British Asian Trust's Children's Protection Fund for India last year

American Idol Judges Encourage Transgender Teenager After Emotional Audition: 'We Believe in You'

"Ace, you're doing great and it's going to get better and better and better," Katy Perry told 16-year-old Ace Stiles during Sunday's episode of American Idol

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Kellyanne Conway Makes Surprise Cameo During Daughter's Audition on American Idol Premiere

"Remember honey, winners are people that are willing to lose," Kellyanne Conway told her 16-year-old daughter during the season 4 premiere of American Idol

Watch Kellyanne Conway's Daughter Claudia Detail Her Upbringing During American Idol Audition

"Most of my life, my feelings had been suppressed, so then I got social media and was like, 'Well, yeah. Now my voice is being heard,' " Claudia Conway told the judges during her audition

Orlando Bloom Says He Is 'One Proud Partner' Following Katy Perry's Stunning Inauguration Performance

"One day our little girl will grow up and see her mother play her part in a moment in history," Orlando Bloom said of his fiancée