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Kate Winslet Says Learning the Accent for HBO's Mare of Easttown Was 'a Little Crazy-Making'

"The hardest part of all of it was doing it and doing it well enough that it just sort of disappears and you don't then hear me doing it," Kate Winslet said

Kate Winslet Reveals Daughter Mia, 20, Slips 'Under the Radar' as an Actress with Different Last Name

Kate Winslet's daughter Mia Threapleton, whom she shares with ex-husband Jim, quietly started acting without anyone knowing about her famous mom

Kate Winslet Had to 'Stay Very Fit' to Take 'Grown Men Down to the Ground' in New HBO Series

"I had to physically do a lot of tackling and fighting and arresting people," Kate Winslet said of her detective role in HBO's Mare of Easttown

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Kate Winslet Says SNL Was a 'Hotbed of Anxiety' Week After Ashlee Simpson's 2004 Lip-Sync Gaffe

"That studio was just a hotbed of anxiety," said Kate Winslet of Saturday Night Live after Ashlee Simpson's lip-sync incident