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Joe Biden Reaffirms Kamala Harris Will Be His 2024 Running Mate
The president praised the vice president’s handling of voting rights even as Republicans and a pair of Democrats blocked legislation once again
Congressional Group Wants Answers from Kamala Harris' New Communications Director Over Old Tweets 
"I apologize for offending ppl who care as much as I do about making America the best, multiethnic, diverse democracy," Jamal Simmons said last week
Joe Biden and Kamala Harris Lay Wreath at Martin Luther King Jr. Crypt Ahead of Speech on Voting Rights
Following their Tuesday meeting with the King family, the president and vice president delivered public remarks on the importance of passing federal voting legislation over the criticism of Republicans
Symone Sanders, Kamala Harris' Former Chief Spokesperson, to Host Her Own Shows at MSNBC
The news comes one month after Sanders announced she was leaving her role with the White House
Kamala Harris Was Evacuated Minutes After a Pipe Bomb Was Found During Jan. 6 Riots
A White House official confirms that the vice president was in the Democratic National Committee building at the same time the bomb was found beneath a park bench outside
Joe Biden Forcefully Denounces Donald Trump for 'Twisted' Lies That Inspired 'Armed Insurrection' on Jan. 6
"What kind of nation are we going to be?" President Biden asked Thursday on the anniversary of the attack on the U.S. Capitol. "Are we going to be a nation that accepts political violence as a norm?"

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Kamala Harris Reflects on Her Biggest Failure as Vice President: 'I Don't Ever Want to Be in a Bubble'
The vice president said she would have liked to “get out of D.C.” more during her first year in office
Kamala Harris Exposed to COVID After Staffer with Her 'Throughout the Day Tuesday' Tests Positive
The vice president took both antigen and PCR tests Wednesday and tested negative, and she will test again on Friday
President Joe Biden, Barack Obama, George W. Bush, and More React to Bob Dole's Death: 'Among the Greatest'

Donald Trump, Bill Clinton, Mike Pence, and Kamala Harris also paid tribute to the late politician after his death on Sunday