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Civil Rights Icon Ruby Bridges Responds to Meme Showing Kamala Harris Walking with Her Shadow

"I’m also standing on the shoulders and in the shadows of people who made huge sacrifices for all of us,” the civil rights activist and author tells PEOPLE

Lindsey Graham Fist-Bumps Kamala Harris on the Senate Floor After Supporting Trump's Election Challenge

Graham later said that the gesture was just him being friendly — though a chorus of Republican congressmen reportedly wished Harris congratulations this week

Oprah Winfrey on Kamala Harris’ Historic Victory — ‘I Wish Maya Angelou Were Alive to See It’

"I think what she means for women of the world is so extraordinary," Winfrey tells PEOPLE. "For women here in the United States, we can't even measure it"

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Civil Rights Icon Ruby Bridges Has Faith We'll 'Be Better' and 'Get Past Our Racial Differences'

Ruby Bridges’ new book, This is Your Time, details her experience as the first Black child to integrate an elementary school in the 1960s American South and encourages people to stand up against racism

Kamala Harris' White Pantsuit During Her Victory Speech Honored the Suffragette Movement

The National Woman’s Party, an American political organization founded in the early 1900s, adopted white as one of its colors and called it the "emblem of purity"

SNL Celebrates Joe Biden and Kamala Harris' Win, Alec Baldwin Jokes He's 'Overjoyed to Lose' Trump Gig

Jim Carrey and Maya Rudolph reprised their roles as Joe Biden and Kamala Harris on Saturday