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Adele on John Mayer, Céline Dion's Gum and Why She Feels Like a 'Bald Eagle' When She's Not on Stage
"That's my proudest possession," she said as she showed off a framed piece of gum from Céline Dion
50 Celebrities Whose Star Sign Is Libra
The seventh sign of the zodiac, symbolized by a scale, runs from Sept. 23 through Oct. 22. Libras are known for being compassionate, diplomatic, social and visionary, always seeking peace and balance – traits that have surely helped propel these stars to where they are today
John Mayer Drops 'Wild Blue' Music Video and Takes Fans on Serotonin-Filled Ride
"Wild Blue" is the latest video from Sob Rock, the star's eighth studio album released in July
John Mayer on Workshopping Songs with Shawn Mendes: 'We Don't Really Sugarcoat It for Each Other'
"He'll send me stuff he's working on and I'll send him stuff I'm working on," the guitarist says of his younger pal. "He is so honest"
JP Saxe Discusses How Living with Girlfriend Julia Michaels Influenced His 'Honest' Debut Album
The Canadian musician opens up to PEOPLE about using his songwriter girlfriend as a "sounding board" to help him finish his first album, Dangerous Levels of Introspection

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Maren Morris Performs 'The Bones' with 'My Friend' John Mayer at the Grammys
Morris was nominated for best country song this year

Ed Sheeran Celebrates 30th Birthday and Teases New Album 'Later This Year': 'I Feel Very Loved'

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