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Flipping Out's Jeff Lewis Pens Apology to Jenni Pulos: 'I Don't Feel Good About What Happened'

"Because we had such a deep, loving relationship, Jenni and I,  that there was a lot of hurt," Jeff Lewis said, of his friendship with former Flipping Out costar Jenni Pulos

Andy Cohen Tells Jeff Lewis That Flipping Out's Last Episode 'Felt Like a Series Finale to Me'

As Flipping Out fans wait to hear whether Bravo will be picking the show up for another season, the network's former vice president of original programming — Andy Cohen — is weighing in.

Jeff Lewis and Jenni Pulos' Final Words About Their Friendship on the Flipping Out Finale

The end of Jeff Lewis and Jenni Pulos' nearly 20-year professional and personal relationship finally played out for viewers on the season 11 finale of Flipping Out

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Jenni Pulos Speaks Out for First Time Since Jeff Lewis Let Her Go: ‘I Had No Idea It Was Coming’

Pulos was stunned by Lewis’s public reaction to their private parting ways