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Jenna Jameson Clarifies That She 'Did NOT' Get Guillain-Barré Syndrome from the COVID Vaccine
The former adult film star shared Sunday that her "doctors suspect" that she has the rare neurological disorder after she found herself unable to walk
Jenna Jameson Diagnosed with Guillain-Barré Syndrome After She 'Wasn't Able to Walk'
The former adult film star shared her diagnosis from the hospital and said that she's getting infusions to work "towards getting better"
Jenna Jameson Says Coronavirus Pandemic Has Been 'Disastrous' for Her Keto Diet
"Super ready to get back on a healthy regimen," said the former adult film star
Jenna Jameson Is Having Trouble Losing Weight Again on Keto: 'Hormones Are Playing a Huge Part'
The former adult film star is back on the keto diet after she took a break and gained 20 lbs., but her weight is "fluctuating"
Jenna Jameson Strikes a Pose in Red One-Piece Bathing Suit After Announcing She's Back on Keto
Earlier this month, Jenna Jameson vowed to rededicate herself to Keto, hoping to drop 30 lbs.  

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Jenna Jameson Says She's 'Back on Track' on Keto Diet After Gaining 20 Lbs.
Jenna Jameson says she took a break from the diet to "live my best carby life"
Jenna Jameson Says She Gained 20 Lbs. After Taking a Break from Keto to 'Live My Best Carby Life'
Jameson has been an outspoken advocate for the keto diet since beginning the plan in March 2018
Jenna Jameson Quit Intermittent Fasting when She Moved to Hawaii — but She's Back on the Diet

The adult film star also credits the low-carb, high-fat keto diet with helping her lose weight