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This CEO Dad on Being Part of a 'Big Family' with Their Surrogate: Our Son 'Calls Her "Angel Mama"'

How I Parent: HIVE Diversity CEO Byron Slosar and his husband Matt pursued open surrogacy and egg donation, to ensure that their son always had answers to any questions in the future

Activist Hong Lee on Why She Spoke Out About Her Hate Incident: 'I Want My Kids to Have a Better Future'

Hong Lee, a hate incident survivor, opens up about parenting two young children as hate incidents and crimes rise at an alarming rate throughout the United States

Shazi Visram on How Parenting a Child with Autism Changed Her Career: 'My Son Is My Biggest Teacher'

Shazi Visram sold Happy Baby and founded Healthynest,to help other parents with making the best decisions for their kids — and shares her parenting philosophy with PEOPLE

This Mom & Cancer Survivor Couldn't Find Curly, Textured Wigs After Chemo, So She Created Her Own 

Dianne Austin shares how her experience as a cancer patient and a mom led her to create Coils to Locs: "I want my daughter to see that anythiing is possible"

Beleaf in Fatherhood's Glen Henry on the Power of Parenthood: 'My Children Helped Me Become a Man'

The critically acclaimed YouTuber and father of four gets real about pandemic parenting, the art of humility and why he'd like a mentor these days

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Angie Ho Ruhlin, mom of two, shares what it's like raising a multicultural family and how she navigates one child's closed adoption with her other child's open adoption.

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